A Place in Time


Barry Rose


Stone and Bronze



The work "A Place in Time" consists of a 40 foot diameter concrete circle and 14 benches. It is made of seven tons of stone, 80 tons of concrete, and one ton of bronze. This sculpture is visually interesting, brings a sense of place and identity to the site, and creates a seating area for socializing. In addition, the space offers views of Gunter Hall, the Garden Theater, and the rest of the Quad. The clean stone lines offer visual and physical comfort. The bronze elements create detail and offer an insight into the passage of time as the bronze naturally weathers. Rose also included other references to time, both historically and physically. The circular pattern of the stone benches alludes to the prehistoric monument Stonehenge. On a more immediate scale, A Place in Time produces the same effect as a sundial, as the shadow cast from the central hinge pin move around the circle, which has been divided like a clock.