Aerial Sculpture


Barbara Baer


Aluminum, plexiglass



Barbara Baer envisioned Aerial Sculpture as a flowing river made of blue sky.� A rippling aluminum form sweeps upwards toward a grid of etched acrylic panels in the Kraemer Library at the University of Colorado- Colorado Springs. Designs in the piece resulted from inspiration by such features of the physical space as the motifs in the floor, the narrow passage between floors, and the high windows. The blues and blue-purples in the ribbon create a sense of balance between the upper and lower floors. Natural light and spot fixtures work to enhance the colors as well. The grid of translucent acrylic panels are etched with images significant to its location in the library. Mountain silhouettes are incorporated alongside a branching form, symbolizing growth; scrub oak leaves, a motif on the campus; and an integrated circuit; representing the librarys computer center. The materials used include aluminum sheet and Plexiglas. The colored surfaces are protected by lightfast paints and UV-resistant topcoats.